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Re: Oak type cabinets

You might also try Lyn Schroeder in Tucson -- you'll have to look him up in
the phone book there. He had a lot of his own cabinets and equipment in a
University of Arizona studio which was torn down years ago. He gave me some
of it at that time for Chax Press, but he may have kept a good deal as well.
Good luck in finding what you need.

charles alexander

>Oak type cabinets . . .YES! John Dingman, in Ventura has one for sale. The
>top is set up  two sided on a slant, so that two students could set type at
>the same time. He also has a few typestles left, ornaments and I believe a
>slug cutter. We live in San Diego and go up to visit alot. He is very illl,
>so you must act NOW! You can tell him Kathy Miller told you about it. 805
>658-2370. Keep in touch!

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