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Re: Dingman

Yes, John is a special person! We love him dearly. I'm writing him now and
will give him your regards. Thanks.
Gary (my husband) and I are glueing up his porfolio entitled: "A
Bibliophile's Portfolio of Quotes". The work is just beautiful. Limited
edition of 150 copies, 16 pages, 8 x 10. The portfolio contains 14 meaningful
quotes about books. Letterpress printed using different papers, hand-set
types and inks. Each page has ornamentation in color. These individual sheets
are suitable for framing. We will be selling them for $30.00. (that includes

We bought a portfolio about 2 years ago, because it is such an excellent
example of letterpress work, and on our favorite subject. . .BOOKS!

We won't be taking a cut, just want to do something for him. If you are
interested let me know. I could also send you an example of his work, because
there were extra pages after I collated them.

There is also A Fleuron Potpourri-100 copies, 26 pages $15.00.(I'll tell you
more if you are interested.)

Kathy Miller
Iron Bear Press
619 274-5110

Please let me know if there is anyone else interested.

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