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info: May 8 update book related website


This week our book information website was updated twice.

Links have been added to the following sites:

-PrintNet Gallery with links to individual designers and artists
-The Imprint Society of Reading with link to Department of Typography & Graphic
-Library Web; Archives and Manuscript Collections on the Internet
-Format: Manuscripts, American Special Collections, LOC
-National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection and Rare Book Collection
(with large collection French Revolution and Bibliography and Typography)
-we have added some information to the already existing link to the Papyrology
Home Page
-links to individual manuscripts
-University of Lund s Division for the History of the Book and Library History
-Early Printed Books Project of the University of Oxford
-information was added to the Daniel Traister link
-Yellow Pages search result for "manuscripts"
-Hot Pictures:  Russian on-line photography gallery
-Chris Witcombe s Art History Resources on the Web: a great site that has been
linked to our  Extraordinary  page
-Andrew Midkiff s Mother of all Art History Links
-The IBIC Guide to book-related Resources on the Internet
-A.K.McCluney s Letterpress Printing homepage
-The Pacific Lutheran University s Elliott Press
-Several new links were added in the Graphic Artists section
-La Maison Europeenne de la Photographie
-information was added to the link to The National Museum of Photography, Film &
-Two Watermark links
-The Bancroft Library Pictorial Collection
-Hearst Mining Collection of Views by C.E.Watkins
-California Cornerstones: selected images from the Bancroft Library Pictorial
-Bancroft s Rare Book Collections
-Jones  Manuscripts, Books, and Maps: The Printing Press and a Changing World.

Some links that did not work were removed, or updated.

We like to get information about relevant additional links.


Ton Cremers and Marian Beereboom
Rechter Rottekade 171
3032 XD Rotterdam
e-mail: 101502.3511@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
e-mail: cremers@xxxxxxxxxxx

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