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Re: Egg Cream

Perhaps other listmembers had the same question as Louis...

On May 08, 1996 23:04:38, 'Louis Silverstein <Louis.Silverstein@xxxxxxxx>'

>Richard:                How do you make an egg cream?

The traditional soda fountain way:

Put about 3/8" chocolate syrup in a tall glass. Diamond Brand is the syrup
of choice, with Fox's U-Bet a close second. Add about 3/4" of milk (I use
half-and-half). Stir with a tablespoon till thoroughly mixed. Take a bottle
of seltzer (the kind with the lever top that you get delivered) and fill
the glass with it, directing the stream of seltzer against the back of the
spoon. This keeps it from foaming all over the counter.

If you don't have the above materials, you can make a dry martini instead.



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