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Ed Benguiat lecture this evening in NYC (fwd)

Cross posted for those B_A-L readers who enjoy calligraphy, lectures, and
Midtown Manhattan midweek.

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Date:  Thu, May 9, 1996 09:45:00 AM
From: artifex@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: Callig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:  Ed Benguiat lecture this evening in NYC

The closing of the Society of Scribes, Ltd. exhibition - Small Works Show -
is tonight, May 9th. Should you find yourself in the proximity of Midtown
Manhattan early this evening, please come to the Donnell Library Center at
20 West 53rd. Street, between 5th & 6th Ave's. We'll have a few foodstuffs
& the requisite liquid to wash them down from 6:00 to 6:30. Promptly at
6:30,  Ed Benguiat will speak on *Typography Whereever It Exists.* At the
conclusion to this entertaining and enlightening talk, members who are
present are invited to pick up their work and steal happily into the night
knowing that they've done their part to educate and enrich the world with
their calligraphic expressions.
This evening's event is free and open to the public.
Submitted by Nicholas Yeager, exhibition coordinator.

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