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info: May 12 update book information website


In our May 12 update you can find new links to:

-Special Collections of the University of Virginia Library with underlying links
to Special Collections on the  Internet, the Electronic Text Center (top 5% of
the web, Magellan 4 stars site), National and International Special Collections
-Scott B.Denlingers site (Catalog Librarian for the German Library Project at
the German Society of Pennsylvania)
-The American Library Ass. (oldest and largest library ass. Of the world)
-information was added to: Online Catalogs with Webbed Interfaces
-visit our page http://www.globalxs.nl/home/c/cremers/bo00025 Extraordinary and
the on-line exhibition The Pop-Up world of Ann Montanaro, with links to other
Pop-Up sites and textfile History of Pop-Up and Movable Books
-Pop-Up books from the Collections at the Lilly Library
-Broders Rare and Used Books
-in the Manuscript section a modern manuscript has been added: Maske: Thaery
Jack Vance, a website by Mike Berro
-Legacy Art & Bookworks, Columbia MO, Bookconservation and repair, Handbinding,
Decorated Papers, Workshops
-(The Friends of) The Museum of Printing. A museum not yet to be visited but the
plans seem to be okay
-Typography Links and Contact,regularly updated page with over one hundred
typography links
-Kelly Stones IDIOLECT in the artists books section
-Nat.Museum of Am.History and Printing Presses in the Graphic Arts Collection
-new page has been created with Photography Galleries on the WWW
-The Penny Magazine, nineteenth century weekly magazine for the workingclass.
Many issues on-line
-Miniature Book Society
-in the manuscript section: The Tyndale New Testament, The Sforza Hours, Magna
Carta, Lindisfarne Gospels
-Type designers and their faces: Alphabetical list of type designers through the
ages, with samples of their work and biographical information
-Cathedral Libraries Catalogue, books printed before 1701 in the libraries of
the Anglican Cathedrals of England and Wales
-Five hundred Years of Bembo, with related links.
-Joseph Wu Origami Page (nice site)
-Xerxes Books Home Page
-Archives and Manuscript Finding Aids at Harvard/Radcliffe
-Manuscripts with Music: seminar in the History of the Book to 1500.
-Sarabande Paper Quote. High resolution scans of handmade papers.
-Information has been added to Center for Book Arts summer programs: large
textfile with information about all couses at the Center for Book Arts.

Please send information about additional relevant sites.


Ton Cremers and Marian Beereboom
Rechter Rottekade 171
3032 XD Rotterdam
e-mail: 101502.3511@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
e-mail: cremers@xxxxxxxxxxx

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