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Ink & Gall Fire

  For those fellow marbler's and marbling enthusiasts- A terrible fire that
has been raging in New Mexico for the last few weeks has now claimed the
Property of Dexter Ing and Polly Fox, who publish the Marbling journal Ink &
Gall.  (I should also mentioned the same fire has severely damaged the
Bandalier National Monument- a very early Anasazi site, covered in
pictographs).  I just heard this from Phoebe Jane Easton yesterday.
 Fortunately, they were able to save their Llamas and other animals- but all
the Ink & Gall material is now ash.  Unfortunately, that included forthcoming
articles by Nusret Hepgul of Istanbul, on a guide to Turkish collections, as
well myself on the early "Shawl" pattern- along with 2,000 tipped-in samples.
  Apparently, Polly and Dexter can still be reached through their post office
box address- box 1469, Taos NM, 87571.

           Jake Benson
           Conservation Assistant- ICI
           Greensboro, NC

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