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Copyright (fwd)

I asked a friend who is a practicing attorney with this particular area
of interest...

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Date: 13 May 96 21:51:30 EDT
From: Margo Lynn Hablutzel <72672.2312@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "James T. Downey" <jdowney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Copyright (fwd)

Please post to Book Arts List:


>> Has anyone done research in the specific area of collage where many
>> images are taken from a magazine, for instance, and gathered together
>> to make a new original?  I have read the Copyright Law and have not
>> been able to get a clear answer on this one.

I have done this.  It's a delicate area, and a friend has borrowed one of my
books that I recall has a key to the answer.  The quick answer is that once you
buy something -- magazine, poster, book, record, whatever -- it is YOURS.  You
can do as you please with it, and its contents, as long as you do not make
copies and sell them.  Near as anyone can tell, this means you can use the items
as an element in something else: a clock made out of a record, a storage box
made out of a book (sacrilege, I know), or a collage made out of a magazine.

You can't copy the collage, however.  And don't even try to use a Disney
character, many of those have been registered as trademarks as well as
copyrighted, and you will get nailed either way.

More after I get my book back, or find another copy.

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