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Re: Copyright

>Has anyone done research in the specific area of collage where many
>images are taken from a magazine, for instance, and gathered together to
>make a new original?  I have read the Copyright Law and have not been
>able to get a clear answer on this one.
>Artemis BonaDea

The way I understand the copyright law, ANY use of anyone else's image in
any way without permission, constitutes a violation. When you hire an
illustrator, for instance, and use the artwork generated in another way
than it was intended, you need to get permission from that illustrator,
unless you arranged to buy the complete rights to that illus. from the
beginning (generally known as work-for-hire).
       US Law does provide for limited private use and reproduction for
scholarly use. But while the actual copyright law provides a few loopholes,
the courts are known to consistently protect the rights of the author. I
have also read that the laws in Europe are more stringent than in the US.
        You might check the current "Graphic Artists Guild Handbook,
Pricing and Ethical Guidelines" for more information. I'm not sure collage
with another's images would be exempt from the law, but I'd doubt it.
_Marcia Ciro

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