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Re: Copyright

In regard to your question concerning the use of copyrighted items in
collage work, it is my (rather informal) understanding of the copyright law
that a copyrighted item may be used in a work of art AS LONG AS IT IS NOT
THEREAFTER REPRODUCED.  Therefore, it is perfectly legal, for example, to
use a copyrighted poem or photograph in your work, as long as you make only
one copy (of your work).  I believe this falls under the part of the law
which allows us all to make one copy of anything for our own personal use.

Also, I believe you can use a copyrighted work any number of times as long
as you never ever sell the work.  For example, you may print any number of
copies of a book containing copyrighted work without the permission of the
copyright holder, as long as you never ever sell your book and (I am not
sure whether this part is in the law or not, but it seems like a good idea)
state in the colophon or elsewhere that you do not intend to ever sell the
work.  Of course, for those of us who have to make a living, this is an
imperfect solution.

I hope anyone who can point out where my understanding of the laws is
incorrect will point it out to the list.  Thanks,

Emily-Jane Dawson
Ocean Sciences (formerly Marine Sciences), Biology, IMS
University of California
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

tel:  (408) 459-4026
email:  emiljane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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