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Re: Copyright

>Has anyone done research in the specific area of collage where many
>images are taken from a magazine, for instance, and gathered together to
>make a new original?  I have read the Copyright Law and have not been
>able to get a clear answer on this one.

My understanding, based on discussions with publishers and artists, and just
a little bit with lawyers, is that this is a very murky area of the law.
Partly, if you are making new works which are recognizably not the
originals, some would say you are OK. But if the originals are recognizable
as part of your work, best to gain permission. And if any of the things you
are using are recognizable as trademark images, watch out. I would suggest
getting permission for just about anything you use, and perhaps in talking
to an experienced  copyright attorney.

& good luck

charles alexander

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