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Re: Copyright

>But if you sell that collage, even if you use the original from the
magazine or your one copy of the original, you are making money off
someone else's copyrighted work, and this is where it becomes tricky.  I
deal with copyright issues a lot, and have not found a suitable answer
for this question, expecially one all our lawyers can agree on.  This
has troubled me for quite some time and I would be very interested to
see if anyone knows the definitive answer.

There is no definitive answer. Any time you "make money off of someone else's
work" in any way, they can come after you -- whether they win or not is
another question w/ all kinds of little nuances that can affect the court
decision. Often what it really comes down to is (surprise!) who has the time,
inclination & most of all $$$$$ to sue you for using their work. One of the
best examples of this is rap music using samples of existing music; rap
musicians now have to buy permission to use each sample. My understanding of
this is that when rap started, nobody really thought to get permission (&
couldn't afford it anyway) & eventually some folks got sued by big powerful
record companies, so now nobody wants to take the risk.

I know this info mostly because I work for a radio series that did a show on
the subject.

Indigo Som

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