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Board Shear

I bought a printshop that failed to get some Ludlow mats.

I got a model 70,  27 7/8" KUTRIMMER  board shear along with everything else.
It looks like a big paper cutter, but with a massive curved blade and cuts
30-40-sheets of paper at one time, and has a hold down clamp.  The original
price new was  $865.00,

I would like to sell it. Does anyone have an idea of a fair price? I was
thinking of around $200, or possibly less. Is that reasonable? Are such
things still useful to someone in the book arts?

I also have several galley cabinets, holding 100  9" by 12" galleys.- same
question about  a fair price. (I am in Phx, AZ)

Drop a line if you are interested in either item or if you have an idea of
pricing.  Thanks.

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