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Seeking position

To any and all who might be interested:

        I am a 37 year old service-connected disabled veteran who
graduated in December ('95) from college with a B.A. in philosophy.
Having made a most discouraging attempt to gain acceptance in a Graduate
Library Science program, I now am faced with the prospect of actually
having to DO something with my life.  Be that as it may, my real
interest in books stems from a genuine desire to bind and conserve; I do
however lack a vital element in this area, which is proper instruction
and training.  And as I am eager to begin a course of study in
bookbinding/conservation relatively soon, I would humbly ask: Are there
any artisans out-there who offer apprenticeships or  programs of study
in the Book Arts?  Of course I know of the North Bennet Street School in
Boston and the MFA program at Alabama/Tuscaloosa, as well as the MLS
(Conservation) program at Texas/Austin, but I was hoping someone in the
field might like to teach me on a one-on-one basis, more or less in the
tradition of a medieval guild apprenticeship.   Granted no secret
rituals need apply, but hey, if its part of the Art and Craft of
Bookbinding (traditionally speaking, that is) then so be it!  Secrets
and mysticism included.

        But all that I am trying to say is that if anyone is interested
in a student (with references) who is sincere in his love of books and
desire to learn the arts of papermaking, typography and most
importantly, bookbinding, please do contact me, as I desire to get-on
with my life, which includes being in some sort of learning environment
by the first of September.  Granted September is a whole summer away,
but it shall be upon us before we know it, and to be honest I could
start tomorrow (May 16th, 1996) if someone wanted to "take me under
their wing."  I am sincere in this search for instruction/work, for I
really want to do something constructive with my life, and in a way that
will prove to be personally enriching and beneficial to future

        Many thanks, and please reply, I really do want to learn and

Rommel John Miller                              RJMIller1095@xxxxxxxx
12544 Selsey Road
Ocean City, MD  21842-9128                (410) 213-0082

"If life had a Second Edition, how I would correct the proofs!"
            -- John Clare (1793 - 1864)


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