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Re: copyright

Another little horror story on the subject...

I make and sell marbled papers here in my little college town.  When
people buy the paper, I usually ask what they need it for, mostly out of
curiosity, but also to try and keep some control over the copyright.
Occasionally I'll get a customer who is looking to use the image for
advertising or whatever, and we work out a licensing agreement.  But a
couple of years ago, the head honcho at a certain academic press wanted a
specific color & pattern of paper.  I asked what she wanted to do with
the paper, and was informed that it was to be the cover design for a
major print project.  I told her that I was perfectly happy to create the
paper she needed, and asked what sort of compensation she would offer for
the use of the image.  Her answer surprised me.  She got very indignent
that I wanted compensation beyond the cost of the sheet, and asked just
how I would stop her from buying a sheet and using it...


James T. Downey / Legacy Art & BookWorks, Inc.
see our gallery at: http://www.legacyart.com

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