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Re: Circus Poster Art

While not strictly related to tyhe book world, I thought this might be of
interest to those of you who are into preservation. A local company has
been in the business of producing theatrical and circus posters for many
years. The owner is interested in selling some of the artwork that was
used to produce these posters. There are, particularly, four pieces which
were used as original art for the Tom Mix Circus. It appears these are
done in tempera paint and are very colorful. The artist's signature is "WAG".
The company also produced posters for dance band, magicians and other
show acts. The original art for these (many line illustrations and
photos) provides a good slice of American for a period of 1940-1960. The
owner is also interested in finding a home for these art boards.

Also available from the same owner is a Heidelberg "S" Model letterpress
cylinder press. It is a 28" press that has primarily been used for
short-run poster imprinting. The press seems to be in good shape and runs

You may contact the owner directly at Central Show Card Printing:
        Al DeBuhr
        Central Show Card Printing
        Box 240
        Mason City, IA 50401

John G. Henry, Cedar Creek Press

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