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>Dear Book_Arts members,
>Pardon me, but what has this consuming issue of copyright got to do
>with binding, typography and collecting?
>But shouldn't we be more concerned with suporting the arts and
>preserving an artist's freedom of expression rather than worrying about
>whether his heirs will be compensated 50 years hence or which of us has
>wasted more time memorizing unenforceable laws? Are we seeking refuge
>in the insignificant?

I think most of give a little internal scream every time we have to deal
with the dreary business side of our work to the expense of our creative
time.  Unfortunately, it is now a part of the times.  You are welcome to
keep your head in the sand as long as you can deal with:

1. Losing money when someone pirates your work when you should have been
paid for it.

2. Uses your work without authorization in a manner that you feel hurts
your reputation.

3. Sues you right down to the shirt off your back for infringing on
their copyright.

Most of us can't afford any of this.  Most of us also simply don't want
to inadvertantly infringe on our collegues' rights.  I personally am
glad of this discussion and welcome any information I can get.

Good luck, Bruce.


Pamela Rups
Computer Multimedia Specialist
Instructional Technology Services
Western Michigan University

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