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Re: Paris binding Suppliers and query

Rougier & Ple is a very large craft store in Paris, with a fairly decent
bookbinding supply department on the second floor. They are at 13-15,
boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris. There is a metro station right
there at bd. des Filles du Calvaire. They are open 9:30 to 6:30 Monday
through Saturday. They sell everything from equipment to tools, sundries,
papers and leathers (mediocre supply...use Relma!) and all kinds of nifty
gadgets (I actually import and sell about 30 different items from them).

Relma, as mentioned before, is also a wonderful store. They have a sumptuous
display, in graduated colors, of hundreds and hundreds of skins, most popular
being their fine hand grained/hand boarded "Chagrin", and the bolder grained
Maroquain du Cap (Cape Morocco) plus others. And their selection of
decorative papers is unbelievable! They also have a few interesting books on
bookbinding/marbling/etc. that are not readily available here (they are in
French of course!). Mr. Olivier is the fellow previously mentioned as having
good English and is pretty accomodating.

Regards, Karen Crisalli/Bookbinder's Warehouse

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