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Re: Paris binding Suppliers and query

>Rougier & Ple is a very large craft store in Paris, with a fairly decent
>bookbinding supply department on the second floor. They are at 13-15,
>boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris. There is a metro station right
>there at bd. des Filles du Calvaire. They are open 9:30 to 6:30 Monday
>through Saturday. They sell everything from equipment to tools, sundries,
>papers and leathers (mediocre supply...use Relma!) and all kinds of nifty
>gadgets (I actually import and sell about 30 different items from them).
>Relma, as mentioned before, is also a wonderful store. They have a sumptuous
>display, in graduated colors, of hundreds and hundreds of skins, most popular
>being their fine hand grained/hand boarded "Chagrin", and the bolder grained
>Maroquain du Cap (Cape Morocco) plus others. And their selection of
>decorative papers is unbelievable! They also have a few interesting books on
>bookbinding/marbling/etc. that are not readily available here (they are in
>French of course!). Mr. Olivier is the fellow previously mentioned as having
>good English and is pretty accomodating.
>Regards, Karen Crisalli/Bookbinder's Warehouse
>Also, on Boulevard Saint-Marcel, 42 is J.B.Alivon, one of the best
Finishing Tools engravers and catings I know of.
Rue des Arquebusiers is Emannuel Bonnani, he splits and skives leathers and
is a good place to visit for Places to know.

Au revoir,  Charles
L.A. Book Arts, Inc. d.b.a. The Custom Bindery
Fine and rare books, Bookbinding, Bookdesign, Bookrestoration, Design;
Leather and Vellum Bindings, Gilded Edges, Marbled Papers, Classes.
Phone/Fax 310-473-5874

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