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Re: copyright-- Bruce vs.Pam

On May 18, 1996 05:20:29, 'Bruce Miller <sdipub@xxxxxxxxxxx>' wrote:
>Please tell me honestly, how many times has the three points you
>listed below really happened to you, personally-
>1- lost money because someone pirated your work.
>2- someone used your work in a manner you felt hurt your reputation.

About six months ago I had to defend my rights against a major corporation
which tried to have knockoffs produced of a binding I designed. One day
before I was to start producing the job they cancelled the order and gave
it to a  commercial bindery, which was going to do the job with cheaper

The same day a design exhibit opened in a non-profit gallery and the
company had placed my binding in the exhibit -- attributing it to a member
of their staff. This made it look like a "work for hire" designed by their

I acted quickly (without a lawyer), contacting the curator of the exhibit,
who refused to change the attribution (relying on the information supplied
by the company). I then contacted the Executive Director of the
organization holding the exhibition, who contacted the corporation, which
then pulled my Work from the exhibit rather than give me credit for my
design. They were going to proceed anyway with the knockoff, so I wrote to
the Chairman and Board of Directors of the parent Corporation, who passed
the matter on to their legal department. There was an exchange of letters
and the knockoff was not produced.

Of course, I lost a client and can't use them as a reference. If I had
"played the game" I could still do business with them. I was told by my
contact there "This happens all the time in this business. Nobody does
anything about it because they want a chance to do business in the future."

I'm apparently the first person who wouldn't play their game. I lost a
$100,000 production job and the possibility of doing more in the future.
But I understood that before I acted. I'd rather play the fiddle in the
subway than play like them.

I don't know what business Bruce is in (26 years experience and
observations in the fields of fine art and publishing), but I agree with
Pam Rups. My stomach turned a bit at each of Bruce's notes. He had exactly
the same attitude as the people who screwed me out of that job. Sort of
like, "Be a good little artist and make more art for us to steal." As for
"using my Work in a manner which hurt my reputation," putting it in an
exhibit with someone else's name sure didn't get me any new clients. Anyone
who was at the opening (and a lot of high power art directors were there)
would of course go to the person credited with my Work, not knowing I
exist. If my name had been on my work in the exhibit it could have brought
in several million dollars of new business. That hurts!

One more thing: Bruce wrote:

       The ART_BOOK forum appears to be mainly a group of nice,
       educated and basically honest people preoccupied with theft,
       a subject about which they frankly appear to have had very
       limited hands-on experience; except for maybe a little software.

Talk about a condescending, ignorant (not "pro-ignorant") and insulting
position! His head isn't in the sand-- it's up his ass.


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