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New Art Examiner

The entire April issue of New Art Examiner focuses on craft and its
relation to fine art.  Some might find it interesting :)  Although not
specifically about the craft of bookbinding, many of the ideas and concepts

presented are relevant.  Donald Kuspit, (a very good writer) predicts that
fine art is coming to an end, and that only a return to craft can restore
the dignity of the individual, because art is about making something , and
that genuine craft is always the labor of love, which will gain appeal in
our increasingly alienated technological society.

"The sense of being engaged in a process of work that is at the economic
bottom a means of accumulating capital undermines one's existential sense
of individuality.  It is ultimalely altogether deindividualizing-
robotizing.  Craft means repersonalization of work in a world of
depersonalized work."

Is there hope???


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