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Re: New Art Examiner

Jeffrey S. Peachey typed:

>The entire April issue of New Art Examiner focuses on craft and its
>relation to fine art.  Some might find it interesting :)  Although not
>specifically about the craft of bookbinding, many of the ideas and concepts
>presented are relevant.  Donald Kuspit, (a very good writer) predicts that
>fine art is coming to an end, and that only a return to craft can restore
>the dignity of the individual, because art is about making something , and
>that genuine craft is always the labor of love, which will gain appeal in
>our increasingly alienated technological society.

of course i'll have to check out the article, but yr synopsis reminds me
much of friend William Morris & the turn of *last* century crafts movement...
as long as fine art is defined by/in terms of the market & commerce.  it
still rings true, applied to individual endeavor and institutional validation
as "legitimate cultre"; but as a critique of technology it seems to me to fall
short?..   photo-copiers, laser printers & computers are pretty sophisticated
technologies, but many people are using those tools to by-pass the art/
commodity market, crafting some wonderful (and, i'll claim) un-alienated
bookworks...  will look forward to checking out kaspits piece.

burning press

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