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Re: copyright-- Bruce vs.Pam

Richard Minsky wrote:
=2E I'm apparently the first person who wouldn't play their game. I lost =

$100,000 production job and the possibility of doing more in the =

But I understood that before I acted. I'd rather play the fiddle in =

subway than play like them.

> =

> One more thing: Bruce wrote:
> =

>        The ART_BOOK forum appears to be mainly a group of nice,
>        educated and basically honest people preoccupied with theft,
>        a subject about which they frankly appear to have had very
>        limited hands-on experience; except for maybe a little software.
> =

> Talk about a condescending, ignorant (not "pro-ignorant") and insulting
> position! His head isn't in the sand-- it's up his ass.
> =

> --
> Richard
> http://www.minsky.com
> =

> X-Mozilla-Status: 0000

Nice one Richard,

Considering your story and it's implied level of your business acumen =

you would be well advised to check on the present location of your own =

cranium.  Because if you don't figure out how to protect yourself, =

sooner or later that subway opening might be your brightest prospect.  =

Scatological New Yorkers who are quick to take offence are a dime a =

dozen in the business/art world.  Let me guess, Brooklyn? =

It's regrettable that you got "screwed", and indignant, stomach =

turning differences aside, I wish you could have successfully sued the =

company's pants off.  =

However, you didn=B9t get screwed because of copyright ignorance, you =

got screwed because you violated the  =B3ounce of prevention is worth a =

pound of cure=B2 wisdom. Come on now, admit it, you trusted them, right?  =

Sure you did. Because if you hadn=B9t trusted them then you would have =

had a contract, and if you would have had a contract, then today  you =

would be wearing their pants.  No amount of copyright wizzardry =

required, just a neat simple binding contract with words like PENALTY =

and TERMS.   In the spirit of mutual interest and extended friendship =

may I point out- I have never seen the word=B2 TRUST =B3 in a legal =

contract. Even the traditional marriage vow is to =B3love, honor and =

obey=B2. Nothing in there about trust. Trust is for friends, not =


 Regardless of how conveniently you misinterpreted my message to Pam =

et al, I am not the Bogey Man advising you to be a nice little artist =

and roll over. On the contrary, I=B9m advocating exactly the opposite.  =

Equip yourself with the right skills to ensure success. I think we =

have several issues confused here. Copyright knowledge is essential =

but a dependant  business skill. Organising, marketing and negotiating =

are far more vital. Knowing how to use contracts. That's what you see =

a lawyer about, to write up a contract for your clients beforehand,  =

rather than to sort out an expensive mess afterwards. Getting a good =

lawyer's advice before one starts a business can be the best =

investment a person can make. =

This is not a Bruce vs. Pam thing. I sincerely apologize to Pam and =

all others if my message came across as condescending, which was not =

my intention at all. My original point was that focusing on copyright =

so frequently may not be in the best or even second best interests of =

what people need to turn their passion and talent into a successful =

business.  Actually, I'm not even remotely interested in the business =

side of this. I subscribed to ART_BOOK with the hope of reading =

informative messages about binding, typography, and collecting, as =


 My remarks on software alluded to the fact that at one time or =

another we almost all consciously violate somebody else's rights. I =

wanted to expand the ongoing copyright discussion- software developers =

are no less passionate on this subject than outraged bookbinders.

Rather than sparking off endless rounds of insulting each other how =

about we get constructive and discuss things of mutual benefit?  If =

you=B9re willing to call it quits you can have two free insults in your =

next mesasage. Just be creative.
 After all this copyright exchange you may find it interesting to know =

that I live and publish in Thailand, which is, most unfortunately,  =

the Mother of All Copyright Violators. =

 By the way, your bindings sound really lovely. Can I see a sample?  =

Come on now, trust me.

Good luck,

Bruce Miller

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