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Copyright Issue

Thanks to the several subscribers who e-mailed me their support on the =

copyright issue.

re:  Richard Minsky's binding on Bruce vs.Pam,

Nice one Richard,

But considering your story and it's implied level of your business acumen =3D=

you would be well advised to check on the present location of your own =3D

cranium.  Because no matter how talented you are, if you don't figure =

out how to really protect yourself in business, sooner or later that =

alternative subway busking might be your brightest prospect.  =3D

It's regrettable that you got "screwed", and indignant, stomach =3D

turning differences aside, I wish you could have successfully sued the =3D

company's pants off.  =3D

However, you didnt get "screwed" because of copyright ignorance, you =3D

got screwed partly because of unenforced laws but mainly because you most =

likely violated =

the "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" wisdom.  =

Come on now, admit it, you trusted them, right?  =3D

Sure you did. Because you're obviously clever enough that if you hadn't =

trusted them =

then you would have had a contract. And if you would have had a contract, =

then today  =

you would be owning their pants.  No amount of copyright wizzardry =3D

required, just a neat simple binding contract with words like PENALTY =3D

and TERMS.  I have never seen the word TRUST in a legal contract. Even the =

traditional =

marriage vow is to love, honor and obey . Nothing at all in there about =

trust. =

Trust is for friends, not business.  Regardless of how conveniently you =

misinterpreted my message to Pam et al, I am not the Bogey Man advising you=

to be a nice little artist =3D

 roll over and make someone else rich.  On the contrary, I advocate exactly=

the opposite.  =3D

Business and bookbinding appear to operate by the same rules. Equip yoursel=
f =

with the right =

skills and tools to attract success.   I think we have several issues =

confused here. One is that many     =

subscribers want to let off some steam over being exploited. Another is the=

overrated value of copyright =

knowledge as an essential (but dependant) business skill.  But aren't the =

skills of organising, =

marketing and negotiating more vital?  Also knowing how to use contracts? =

That's what one should =

consult a lawyer about, to write up a contract for your clients beforehand,=


rather than to sort out an expensive mess afterwards. Getting a good lawyer=
's =


 before one starts a business can be the best investment a person can make.=

This was not a Bruce vs. Pam thing nor in any way intended to be =

condescending. =

I sincerely apologize to Pam for your posing it as such.   My original poin=
t =

was that focusing =

on copyright so frequently with stories of past victimisation may not serve=

the best or even =

second best interests of a general forum- maybe private e-mail, legal or =

victim hotline forum- what could also be discussed is what else people =

require in order to =

turn their passion and talent into a successful business.  Actually, I'm no=
t =

even =

remotely interested in the business side of all this. I subscribed to =

ART_BOOK with the hope of escaping business and reading =3D

informative messages about binding, typography, and collecting, as =3D

stated.  Instead I've been scolded and received a few limp, unwitty insults=

for not toeing the =

majority line.   Several of the most deeply offended have even invited me =

to leave!   How enlightening that these same artists who agonize over =

their violated rights aren't willing to extend alittle freedom =

of speech to others.  I mistakenly thought this discussion was open to =

alternative points of view. Sorry,I didn't get the =

BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Webmaster posting on taboo opinions.

 My remarks on software alluded to the fact that out there in the vast sea =
of =

unstained BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx victims probably all of us at one ti=
me =

or another have consciously violated =

somebody else's rights. Software developers are no less passionate on =

this subjectthan outraged bookbinders. Rather =

than sparking off endless rounds of insulting=01!:0=00=00=00=00=00=00=04=83=
=01!=E2=EAt say we get=01 =

t=DDonstructive and collectively discuss points of mutual benefit?  Like =

favorite tools, software problems, new discoveries, regional material =

suppliers, help wanted, etc.

I see from your very impressive home page you're qualified to offer alot mo=
re =

than =

adolescent insults to people with different opinions or those wishing to ga=
in =

from =

your obviously vast experience.  You appear to already be doing quite alot =

for the arts, but many of us can only =

communicate through forums such as this.  I'd be grateful if you would =

consider =

sparing some more time to share some useful binding ideas with us, the =

uninitiated.  If you're willing to call it =

quits you can have two free insults in your next message.

Just be creative.  Pam managed the same criticism of me as you did  =

without getting anal. She's got style. =

 Part of my cynicism over hoping that knowledge of feeble laws will save =

the day may stem from the fact that I live and work in Thailand, which =

is, most unfortunately, the Mother of All Copyright Violators. =

By the way, your bindings appear really lovely.  =

Can I see a sample? Come on now, trust me.

Good luck,

Bruce Miller

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