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rubber stamps & flaming

my word, what a flaming session! for whatever it's worth, even though i came
down squarely on pam's side (in the whole bruce vs. pam debate), i have to
say i was uncomfortable w/ how quickly it all degenerated into nasty

anyway, before all that started, someone had asked about rubber stamps &
copyright. i forwarded the question to my friend who is a lawyer & does a lot
of copyright work for the rubber stamp world, & here is what he had to say:
Forwarded message:
From:   cuz@xxxxxxxx
To:     IndigoSom@xxxxxxx
Date: 96-05-17 20:55:10 EDT

Stamps that are sold, wholesale or retail, can and should

be used for the enjoyment of stampers.  I doubt that

200 hand-stamped Christmas cards would be a problem.

But using the image in a collage , and selling

_that_ to Hallmark -- well, we have a problem, just

as much as selling a collage to Hallmark that contains

a photo from National Geographic.

After all, in this day and age, the photo can be scanned

in and digitized, so anything that's published is

really on the same footing with stamps, as far as


        I also think that's fair, but of course I

represent both the creators of original art and

the stamp companies.  Before you can buy a rubber

stamp, the artist creates the work and then the stamp

company perhaps modified it for vulcanizingf, then

manufactures it, then promotes it by purchasing booth

space at stamp and gift shows,  and by publishing

catalogs with the image in it.  I gues the simple

answer is that, but for copyright law, far less of

this effort, by the artists or anyone, would beexpended, and the

syamp of interest quite simply would not be for sale.

Not, anyway, as a nice, usable, manufactured

S T A M P.

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