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Re: copyright

  I also hope we can all accept Mr.Miller's statement that he did not
intend to be insulting and go on from here.  It is always advisable to
remember that email is a flat space, and the smiles and gestures which
lend nuance to what we say does not transfer readily in it.  The replies
several people sent in, including the experience of Richard Minsky, has
been instructive reading.  In my other life I am a research scholar, and
thus involved in a number of academic publishing projects which have been
very problematic.  One goes into them for "exposure" of one's work, as
Mr. Miller has observed.  However, the sort of "exposure" seems to
produce only more offers of a similar kind.  One cannot pay bills, rent, or
buy groceries with such "exposure".  One wonders what the artist can
offer the lawyer he needs to draw up the contract with the publishing firm.
Perhaps some "exposure" of his legal talents which will impress the firm
so much that it will want to hire the lawyer to write a contract more
favorable to the firm!!!!
  Perhaps Mr. Miller could tell us what it is like to work in Thailand and
what sort of book arts he finds there.  I notice a number of places in
the US now are marketing Thai decorative papers which they call marbled
but look more like tie dye (Thai dye??) or batik to me.  I have a couple
sheets but I haven't used them yet, and would appreciate hearing from those
who have used them.
Dorothy Africa

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