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Cuban book artists

Since several people expressed interest in the Cuban book artists, I'll
post the address of Ediciones Vigia (accent over the second "i") for
everyone.  Unfortunately, I don't know who made the other (wooden) books;
Vigia is the only group or individual anyone I met was able to tell me about.

Ediciones Vigia
Taller Editorial
Magdalena 1
Plaza de la Vigia
40 100 Matanzas

This address is approximate (two publications had slightly different
addresses, but I think they mean the same place, and it's a small city.)
Phone number is 4845 in Matanzas - I think they have a fax, too.

I hope to be in touch with them, too.  I'm sure they'll be delighted to
hear from people on this list. (Someone there may have email, too...)

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