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More thoughts about copyright

I have just waded thru the mass of letters back and forth on the copyright issue
(I have been on a teaching marathon and just came up for air) I believe reason
this subject has touched a nerve is that, as artists, craftspeople, and
freelancers we are individuals having to defend ourselves, our work and our
rights against corporations. We frequently "fund" ourselves as we work hard to
support our art "habit". The problems are magnified as issues of ownership are
being challenged moment by moment-not long ago I read the NY Times is trying to
not pay any reprint royalties on articals it commissions from freelance writers-
reversing their previous policy. This is only the beginning of a huge rights
grab that is being spurred on by the growing use of the internet by
institutions. A bit ironic, because it's the reason we all have had the
opportunity to meet, "speak"  and are able to have this discussion in the first
place. I have been making books for many years, but in addition to teaching, I
also do illustration and graphic design. I don't know if this has been
mentioned--but the Graphic Artist Guild grapples with these issues all the time.
They have chapters througout the US- in NY, their  National Headquarters, their
address is 11 W 20, 8th Floor, NY NY 10011 (212-463-7759) They also offer a
conflict mediation service for members.

Mimi Schaer

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