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Re: Copyright & Rubber Stamps

Hi Ed:  Heard a copyright lawyer just last night who intimated  agreement
with you that there is an "intended" use implied inpurchasing a rubber
stamp.  If the artist who designed the stamp works "in house" then the
stamp company owns the copyright and can if they wish extend the right to
you to use the stamp commercially.  So it looks like you do the right thing
by informing the stamp company of your intended use and if they do not
object it is probably OK.  The lawyer implied that "probably" is as close to the
truth as you'll get as to get LEGAL right you must have their written
permission.  In case of any litigation the law is always "murky", says the
lawyer....the two lawyers involved are trying to win their individual case
and the judge bases judgement on intrepretation of laws which were tightened up[
in the late l980's to further protect the originating artist.  Cheerio....
Lilla like vanilla.

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