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Re: New Art Examiner

>"The sense of being engaged in a process of work that is at the
>bottom a means of accumulating capital undermines one's existential sense
>of individuality.  It is ultimalely altogether deindividualizing-
>robotizing.  Craft means repersonalization of work in a world of
>depersonalized work."

I, for one, believe that there is hope, in vast quantities.
Particularly in view of the fact that artmaking per se seems to be
dying out.  I speak from within my own educational background and
have been very shocked and saddened to find that of late, the art
schools are focussing on teaching conceptual as opposed to technical
skills.  What Donald Kuspit is suggesting is very heartwarming - in
other words, what goes around must come around - the fledgling
student must learn to walk again before he can fly.



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