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Re: New Art Examiner

>>"The sense of being engaged in a process of work that is at the
>>bottom a means of accumulating capital undermines one's existential sense
>>of individuality.  It is ultimalely altogether deindividualizing-
>>robotizing.  Craft means repersonalization of work in a world of
>>depersonalized work."

Oh hogwash. There's lots of things undermining existential senses of
individuality, and I'm not so certain that such senses shouldn't be
undermined. The "self" is getting re-defined in lots of ways these days, and
I don't think that's all bad, and certainly not that it means "robotizing."
Plus, any of us who take money for our work, whether art or craft or stock
trading, have "accumulating capital" as our economic bottom -- but
thankfully the economic bottom isn't the only bottom, and I don't think it
necessarily decapitates the spiritual, communal, family, aesthetic, & other
bottoms (or tops). I know that if I didn't accumulate some capital, I and my
family would be in a very sorry state. That is my economic bottom. But it
doesn't mean that's all there is to me or my work. And through all of it, my
"person" gets filtered and defined and undefined and otherwise constructed &
deconstructed & constructed again. This continual flow is, to me, a large
part of what making art (and/or craft, but even that distinction is always
being redefined) is about. Resisting this flow in favor of some kind of
idealized "self" seems rather pointless.

charles alexander

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