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Re: New Art Examiner

Robyn Sassen wrote:

> I, for one, believe that there is hope, in vast quantities.
> Particularly in view of the fact that artmaking per se seems to be
> dying out.

Is there any chance this may be the natural process of evolution?
 Are artists immune to the laws of "survival of the fittest" (or most
talented)?  Perhaps artmaking isn't dying out, but maybe the lessor
talented, in their numbers are.
 Surviving is a quite skill.  In the medical world, we expect only those
qualified to graduate and become doctors.  Amd we all expect to consult
only qualified physicians. Are artists and their patrons/clients
deserving of any different treatment?

I speak from within my own educational background and
> have been very shocked and saddened to find that of late, the art
> schools are focussing on teaching conceptual as opposed to technical
> skills.
Precisely. One needs training in technical skills and practice /
apprenticeship before one can effectively create something truly
desirable to others. It is technical skills which are dying out, not the
interest in arts or support by the "beholders" of art. This crises can
only be resolved by the "creators" of art and their teachers.
 For if the arts are really dying why then does one have to wait in a
long que at art exhibitions to view universally acknowledged master

Technical genius must evolve too, but it will always be appreciated and
in demand.  There is a recognisable difference between the output of a
trained, skillful and focused artist who strives to be a professional and
an amateur who hopes to recover the cost of his materials. As
heartbreaking as it is, not everyone who dreams to be an artist, has the
complete array of necessary skills to make a prosperous career of it.

Art students who wish to have a successful future would do well to heed
the old proverb, "hard work creates good luck".

Bruce Miller

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