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Artistic Endeavor

At 03:39 AM 5/24/96 +0000, Bruce Miller wrote:
> As heartbreaking as it is, not everyone who dreams to be an artist, has the
>complete array of necessary skills to make a prosperous career of it.
>Art students who wish to have a successful future would do well to heed
>the old proverb, "hard work creates good luck".
>Bruce Miller

If history is any indicator of present and future reality, it is quite
likely that the most artistically successful artists will not be the most
prosperous. Many of the skills which would lead one to prosperity are
diametrically opposed to those thought patterns that would make one an
artisically creative person.

Since artistic prosperity, these days, may be best defined by what
university you serve or what company employs you, the prosperous artist must
reserve a good deal of time to satisfying the needs of those institutions,
and not expend that time in honing his/her artistic talent.

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