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Re: Copyright Casino

>Copyright violation may be likened to cheating at cards. Just because the
>house is raking in a huge cut off the top, doesn't justify cheating one's
>fellow players. But to what extent does pedantic attention to the rules of
>the game distract from questions about who makes the rules, who benefits and
>whether this kind of game is true or beautiful?

Dear Keats (Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty -- but no, that's not all ye need
know) --
It may be true that the beneficiaries of the game you describe are the
lawyers & big biz. But not all attention to issues of copyright is "pedantic
attention." It can simply be respect for what an artist has made, and what
she or he owns. But it's also true that art touches on commerce all the
time, and would you have us simply remain ignorant about that, in favor of
truth and beauty? I also much prefer spending my time writing and making
books, but I don't want to disappear into that ivory tower entirely. I am
glad that you extend our proper inquiry to "who makes the rules, who
benefits." So that a poetics is also concerned with a politics.

charles alexander

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