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summer workshop

Hello --

I got some info about a short workshop at Dartmouth this August that
might interest some folks...

It's called "William Morris & the Kelmscott Press," from August 21-24 at
the Dartmouth College Library.  Billed as a "Book Arts Summer Workshop,"
most of your time would be spent setting type and printing a broadside.
Each day, there are also lectures on different aspects of Morris' work,
and each participant will also receive readings in the mail beforehand.
The $425 fee covers most things.  Enrollment is limited.

For more info and an application, contact:

        Book Arts Summer Workshop
        Dartmouth College Library
        Hanover, NH  03755

        TEL:  (603) 646-2236
        FAX:  (603) 646-3702
        e-mail:  phil.cronenwett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Also, for a different twist on the copyright conversation, check out the
inside back page of the _NYT Book Review_ for this week.  A Harvard prof
talks about his experiences getting his books on China translated into
Chinese without his permission.  (I'm pretty sure that's where I saw it...)

Karen Schiff

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