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Re: Copyright Casino

Charles Alexander wrote:

>not all attention to issues of copyright is "pedantic
>attention." It can simply be respect for what an artist has made, and what
>she or he owns.

I agree entirely.

>But it's also true that art touches on commerce all the
>time, and would you have us simply remain ignorant about that, in favor of
>truth and beauty?

Again, I agree that art touches on commerce all the time and most decidedly
would _not_ "have us simply remain ignorant about that". What I object to is
not knowledge of commerce (I'm 100% for commerce) but the kind of complacent
half-knowledge that assumes that the customs and laws of the marketplace are
eternal and "natural".

Truth and Beauty don't *have* to be romantic (said Tom, ironically).

Tom Walker, knoW Ware Communications
tel (604)688-8296
      "Only in mediocre art does life unfold as fate."
           - Michael Ignatieff

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