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Re: Copyright

Yesterday (Saturday) I received page proofs for an article which had been
requested by the editors of an international journal about the middle ages.

Included was a "Letter of Agreement" from the university press which will
publish this journal.  Short and too the point, it states:

        "The undersigned author hereby grants and assigns to ______
University Press the copyright and all publication and subsidiary rights in
his/her contribution to _______, edited by ______  and ______ ."

Absent from the page proofs was the copyright symbol which accompanied the

This concerned me.  I e-mailed the senior editor that all I was willing to
grant was first North American serial rights (meaning that while they may
copyright the whole issue, as an issue, I will retain copyright [property
right] in my contribution).

The editor is concerned that this may not be negotiable.  On Tuesday the
press in question should be open for business (!) again and we will see.

If the terms are not negotiable, neither am I.  It's a life.


                             Jack C. Thompson
                    Thompson Conservation Laboratory
                   The Caber Press * Istor Productions
                           Portland, OR  97217
                        503/735-3942 (voice/fax)
                    jct@xxxxxxxx * tcl@xxxxxxxxxxxx

              "Is a half-wit herbalist only parseley sage?"
                                        Don Guyot, 1996

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