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Re: Ediciones Vigia (fwd)

Hello Luigi -

I did hear about BIZ, but mostly on the WWW before I left - didn't hear
much about them that made me think about bookarts, although they're
obviously an interesting group. What sorts of mailings do you get from them?

Judy Kerman

On Sat, 25 May 1996, Robert Drake wrote:

> another grassroots literature/arts/publishing project in cuba
> is the Ideas Z Bank...  th latest issue of Global Mail, i think,
> has some info on folks trying to get a press to 'em?  but the
> mailings i've gotten have been beautifully low-tech on raw paper...
> Banco de Ideas Z
> calle 19, #1362  apto 15 bet. 24 y 26
> vedado, havana city  cuba CP 10400
> luigi

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