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Marbling Bath answer (fwd)

Whoops! Made a typo in the address listserv address first time around.

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Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 12:30:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: Broome County Public Library <bcpl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: book_arts-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Marbling Bath answer

Thanks to those who provided me with an address for Marbling Bath.  Over
the weekend I spoke to the publisher, Carl Weiss, who said another issue
was in the works, but he no longer likes to predict completion times. I
got the feeling that the future of the magazine was a little questionable.

I surely don't like to see one publication thrive at the expense of
another, but it occurs to me that with the publishers of Ink & Gall having
problems at the moment due to the New Mexico fires, Marbling Bath might
be encouraged to fight on and temporarily fill the potential gap.

For those of you who asked that I pass on the address, it's:
Marbling Bath
P.O Box 374
Delmar, NY 10254-0374
phone (518) 439-6928

A year's subscription (quarterly? I forgot to ask!) is $30.00. I believe
that also makes you a member of a marbling cooperative.  I don't know
what the activities of the cooperative are.

Lavinia Adler

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