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More Equipment

Hi Folks,

First, I need to apologize for the problem with responding back to
the people who so kindly responded to my efforts to sell some
bindery equipment. I had a large problem with our computer, which I
had to replace, so we lost a ton of Email. Most of the stuff was
sold quickly, but I do have some things left.

1.  I have a 40 inch Jaques shear for sale for $1850.00 plus
shipping. The cost of the shipping should be between 3 and 5
hundred. If you're interested please call ASAP. I only have until
next Thursday to sell this item or I loose it.
2.  I have a "Johnson Standing Press" for sale at 1500.00 plus
shipping. Its a large tabletop press with 18 inches daylight, a
platinum of 18 x 32. It's really a beautiful press cast from bronze.
It has a   maple leaf  design cast into the sides of the press. It
also has a cast number of #2.
3.  I also have on small nipping press (12 1/2 x 91/2 with 2 3/4
daylight) for sale.

If your interested in any of these items, please CALL me at
716-244-5510 at our bindery during the day of 716-266-8866 at home
in the evening.

Tim Perkins
Olde Ridge Bookbindery

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