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Digital fonts with quaint characters?

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      This question has been raised in the past but I wasn't able to glean
any good sources so I'll ask again.
      We are frequently asked by visitors about the existence of a digital
font which not only emulates some of the "old style" letterforms of the
18th century, but also includes quaint characters such as the long 's' and
it's associated ligatures as well as things like the connected 'ct' and
diphthong ligatures.
      I should think that anything Caslon-esque or Baskerville-like
would suffice, but the quaint characters seem to be more important.
Something which works on a Windows platform would be best.
Bitstream did something at one time (with Matthew Carter doing the
design work), but their software doesn't seem to be available in this
country anymore if it ever was.
      We would be interested in any leads or information on this

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