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Re: Digital fonts with quaint characters?

Adobe and Monotype both have fonts which include those "extended"
characters. I myself have and use them for Centaur, Bulmer, Perpetua and
Garamond. They are also available for both Windows and the Mac.


>      This question has been raised in the past but I wasn't able to glean
>any good sources so I'll ask again.
>      We are frequently asked by visitors about the existence of a digital
>font which not only emulates some of the "old style" letterforms of the
>18th century, but also includes quaint characters such as the long 's' and
>it's associated ligatures as well as things like the connected 'ct' and
>diphthong ligatures.
>      I should think that anything Caslon-esque or Baskerville-like
>would suffice, but the quaint characters seem to be more important.
>Something which works on a Windows platform would be best.
>Bitstream did something at one time (with Matthew Carter doing the
>design work), but their software doesn't seem to be available in this
>country anymore if it ever was.
>      We would be interested in any leads or information on this

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