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Re: ICG Bookcloth

>Hi - is there a special reason why hot hide glue is no longer used?  I believe
>the purists are still using it?  Or am I 20 yhears behind the 8 ball.
>Lilias at Saltwinds

Yes, there is still a place for hot hide glue.  However, there are problems
with hide glue, used alone.  It is too stiff on drying.  For that reason,
it is a good idea to add some starch paste (wheat starch is what I use) to
hot hide glue to increase flexibility in the adhesive film.

For the same reason, one may add methyl cellulose to a cooked (wheat)
starch paste.  It increases flexibility. Methyl cellulose cannot be added
to hot hide glue (it will precipitate out).

Adhesives should be chosen to accomodate the task and materials at hand.
There are no single, simple answers.

Hope this helps.


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