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Hide glue has fallen in disrepute mostly because if improperly used, ie.
overcooked, too think... it can cause problems. Initially hide glue is like
parchment size and generally alkaline. When it gets over cooked and burnt
which happens really easily it becomes acidic and will cause damage. I don't
know how many of the problems associated with hide glue on spines are also
the result of poorly tanned leather and environmental problems, m guess is
quite a bit, but I can't substantiate it.

I like using fresh hide glue, especially for backing laminating boards,
making boxes. It is especially nice because you can sand it easily, as
opposed to pva which comes off in a film. I've also noticed a difference
between the cakes where you take off a slice and it melts in the warm glue
pot and the crystals I used in Germany which you needed to soak first and
then warmed up. It is also important not to let it get too thick and gross,
ie make it up and not be afraid to dump it when it gets old and burnt.


>Hi - is there a special reason why hot hide glue is no longer used?  I believe
>the purists are still using it?  Or am I 20 yhears behind the 8 ball.
>Lilias at Saltwinds

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