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Re: ICG "D" grade buckram

We too had problems with the grade "D" buckram starting about 2 years
ago.  Over the last few years, the cloth became stiffer, often
cracking when pulling onto the boards for turn-downs or when boning
down shoulders. PVA/paste mix would also seep through. One bolt of
the grey (#12101) had a horrible odor - I mean really horrible, like
gymsocks on a hot summer day.  When staff complained of headaches, I
called ICG and sent a sample of the offensive cloth to them but I
basically got no response.  They just sort of told me to let it air
out somewhere and not to worry about it. The company also denied any
changes in formula.  To make a long story short, we no longer buy any
material from them (like Syracuse, we also buy in bulk so we do have a
few bolts of it around that we are using up) and have switched to
buying canapetta for circulating collection recases.

I too would be interested if others have had problems.

Kate Murray
Collections Conservator
NYU Libraries

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