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Re: ICG "D" grade buckram

Sounds like we're having some of the same problems. We still have a roll of
the old grey buckram around, though I have to admit I don't find the odor
that offensive, but then I like the odor of a nice pot of fresh, warm hide
glue too.

The cloth I've had the most problems with are the #31010 which is yellowish
beige. Now I'm noticing many of the same problems in the #44300 and the "new

When we glue it out, pva or 50/50 pva methylcellulse, it appears that the
glue beads and doesn'st soak in the way it used to. It almost seems if there
is some sort of sheeting agent in it, though I think that may be the wrong term.

I love the Canapetta, but the cost is too high in comparison to use it for
most materials. The other concern I have with using it in a library setting
is that the rough surace tends to abrade leather bindings are adjacent to it
causing more damage to them and soiling the cloth.

I don't believe them (ICG) when they say they didn't change anything and am
willing to persue this further. It is costing us, beacuse it take much
longer to work, on boxes almost twice as long. I would very much like to
hear from anyone else who is experiencing problems such as these. I think
only as a group, with some degree of purchasing power we may be able to
accomplish something.


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