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Re: Digital fonts with quaint characters?

>      I should think that anything Caslon-esque or Baskerville-like
>would suffice, but the quaint characters seem to be more important.
>Something which works on a Windows platform would be best.
>Bitstream did something at one time (with Matthew Carter doing the
>design work), but their software doesn't seem to be available in this
>country anymore if it ever was.
>      We would be interested in any leads or information on this

Emigre has just released a Baskerville revival called "Mrs. Eaves." It has
the old-fashioned st and ct ligatures, small and "petite" caps, tabular
and old-style figures, fractions and ornaments. Don't know if it has a
long s. Price is $95. You can see samples on the Web at:


The promotional booklet is cute too. Very old style look and feel to it.

neil kohl
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