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Re: Digital fonts with quaint characters?

Recently I received a lovely pamphlet (of which a letterpress version is
also available) about the digital font Mrs. Eaves, which is based on
Baskerville ("As Baskerville was setting up his printing and type business,
Mrs. Eaves moved in with him as a live-in housekeeper, eventually becoming
his wife in 1764."), designed by Zuzana Licko for Emigre, Inc., 4475 D
Street, Sacramento, CA  95189. Emigre can also be found on the web at
http://www.emigre.com, and they have various on-line ordering possibilities.
Emigre is a very interesting company.

To my eye Mrs. Eaves is significantly different from Baskerville, but it's
quite a lovely face, judging from the pamphlet I have, and has quite a lot
of the so-called "quaint characters." And it's very affordable. Plus just
getting on Emigre's mailing list is useful.

charles alexander

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