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Useful blank books

It gives me pleasure to make pleasing books that people can use and I am
wondering if some of you might have ideas beyond the obvious
possibilities of journals and photo albums.  This is a "pin money"
operation for me, not a commercial business.  I am looking for ideas for
books that people can use and enjoy .

Guest books are a possibility (though some people want lines and I
haven't come up with any reasonable way to do that in a home workshop).
I once was asked to make a "marriage journal" as a wedding gift.  The
person presenting the book had used such a journal throughout their
marriage to record high points and settle arguments.  That was a fun project.

I like making things that I think of as "more than a card" that can be
used for group greetings like on big birthday parties or farewells.

To share anidea of my own, I have found that people really like small
accordion books and they are quick to produce.  I fold the pages using
the bars on my Kuttrimmer so they are both accurate and fast to fold.
The covers can be scraps.  There's lots of ways to fasten them, but my
most common is a button (usually just a piece of covered mat board) which
is sewn to the front--first making a stitch through the ribbon, then
sewing the boon on.  The ribbon simply wraps around the back and then
twists around the button.  It seems to hold just fine and is a lot less
fiddly than having to tie something.

I pass that on as an example of the kind of ideas I'm looking for.
I have the standard books, but just wondered if others of you out there
had stories about special ways people have used books or ideas that are
not in the basic binding books.

Thanks--may you and the people who use them enjoy the work of your hands!


P.S.  I'm in Alaska so I won't be competing with you!

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