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pva glue

i have some 17 century sermons that have a paper wrap that was glued with
lineco white neutral ph white glue the factory claims it is fully
reversible-i am sure it is pva --i want to detatch the covers and do it with
wheat paste as the value is reduced if not pasted into wraps. is this
possible to reverse some pva-about 6 months old-?

i - is there a special reason why hot hide glue is no longer used?  I believe
>>the purists are still using it?  Or am I 20 yhears behind the 8 ball.
>>Lilias at Saltwinds
>Yes, there is still a place for hot hide glue.  However, there are problems
>with hide glue, used alone.  It is too stiff on drying.  For that reason,
>it is a good idea to add some starch paste (wheat starch is what I use) to
>hot hide glue to increase flexibility in the adhesive film.
>For the same reason, one may add methyl cellulose to a cooked (wheat)
>starch paste.  It increases flexibility. Methyl cellulose cannot be added
>to hot hide glue (it will precipitate out).
>Adhesives should be chosen to accomodate the task and materials at hand.
>There are no single, simple answers.
>Hope this helps.
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